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Get Correct with Copper Correct

Balancing luxury and affordability to give you the best night sleep of your life.

Get Correct with Copper Correct

Built for the active lifestyle

Are You Ready for the

Best Night's Sleep You Have Been Dreaming Of?

Copper Correct is the Leading Sleep and Rejuvenation Expert

Copper Correct uses only the most innovative, premium foam, that is 7X more breathable than any other mattress. Our Copper infused memory foam will put the rejuvenation back in your life!

We've also made buying a mattress extremely easy. Try it out in the comfort of your own home; you won't need more than a few nights, but we will give you 100 nights to discover that it's the best mattress for you! We also offer free shipping and hassle-free returns. If you decide to return it, we'll arrange a pick-up and refund your money 100%.

Benefits of Memory Foam Infused with Copper Beads

Our unique four-layer design combines the health value of copper with the incredible cooling effect of Energex foam, to provide the best nights sleep ever.

Absorbs Body Heat,
Keeping You Cool
All Night Long

Quick Compression Recovery Allows For Easy Turn
Over Easier & Support

7x More
Breathable Than
Any Other Foam

Antimicrobial Properties
Kill Bacteria, Molds
and Viruses

the copper correct mattress's unique four layer design


"I can tell that the copper infused memory foam is making a huge difference and keeping me cooler"

- E.G., Licensed Chiropractor

"I am sleeping longer and better on my Copper Correct. It's the perfect level of firmness and stays cool compared to other memory foam mattresses. Better sleep = better life. Period."

- Darci K.

"My wife and I love our Copper Correct mattress, less tossing and turning and sleeping sounder"

- Archie T., Pastor

"Copper Correct mattress has changed my life"

- Hayden B., Professional Golfer

“This bed is so incredibly comfortable that I take it on the road with me"

- Alec D., Musician

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