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Why Energex Foam?

Why Energex Foam?


Energex provides a new, energetic alternative to conventional memory foam that retains all of the advantages of memory foam without the slow recovery. Often, consumers seeking an alternative to the dead feel of memory foam have turned to latex foam. While this meets their desire for a livelier mattress, they are often disappointed in its inferior pressure-mapping characteristics as compared to traditional memory foam. EnergexTM serves to bridge this gap between memory foam and latex foam. Its highly open, cool, and responsive polymer structure is designed to offer a superior alternative to latex foam while providing outstanding pressure relief properties. Think of Energex as comfort with a bounce!

Strut Reinforcing Technology (SRT)

Energex is formulated using advanced SRT technology, which transfers polymer from cell membranes to reinforce the cell superstructure. This unique design produces much better dynamic fatigue properties than conventional or HR foam, and extremely low compression set losses (typically less than 1.5% loss with the 90% ASTM compression test). It doesn’t lose it’s “bounce back”! So, you don’t have to worry about the sagging that brands using inferior foam experience.

Superior Pressure Mapping

Energex provides excellent pressure mapping results because of its inherently high Pressure Relieving Index. It is ideally suited in mattresses as a transition layer between the surface comprised of memory foam and the base support layers, creating a pressure gradient and providing ideal interface support for unparalleled pressure relief. Reduce pressure and you reduce joint pain, it’s as simple as that!

Exceptionally Broad Temperature Performance Range

Energex foam provides uniform comfort over a wide temperature range. Unlike conventional memory foams, Energex does not stiffen in cool environments because its glass transition temperature (Tg) is tuned to perform over a broad temperature range. Energex has been specifically designed to energize and slightly soften in responds to body heat, which is the key to providing highly adaptive comfort, ease of movement, and excellent pressure-relief. So, whether you live in a very hot or very cold climate, it makes no difference to how wonderful your Copper Correct mattress with EnergexTM foam will perform, giving you a great night sleep for years to come!

Truly Breathable

The innovative open-cell polymer design allows for air flow seven times greater than conventional memory foam. The greater the air flow the greater the cooler you’ll sleep. Sleep cool to receive the most restorative benefits of a good night sleep!  

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